Film Reel - J. Scot Cahoon

Video Reel

Rudy Cant Fail

"Rudy Can't Fail"

dir. Marc Mayer

Bear Necessities/Top of The World Mashup

A little mash-up my roommates Holly Longmore, Gerardo Vallejo, and I threw together one bright spring morning. Enjoy!


'Short Skirt, Long Jacket'

A new music video set to Cake's 'Short Skirt, Long Jacket'

Directed by Abbey Casey


'Spectrum', directed by Savannah Macgruder, deals with breaking the gender roles imposed by societal constructs.

Directed by Savannah Macgruder

Vimeo Password is 'final'


Directed by Tiange Sun

'Light Journey'

Pedro's grandmother has gone off the deep end

'I Still Remember'

A short student film I appeared in during my time at Sunderland University in the UK where I play Mike, the dude who wants to move a little too fast on the first date. Alright... A LOT too fast.

Directed by Jurgen Kranz